Your IT spend fluctuates and you don’t really understand what you’re paying for and you just want IT to work without breaking the bank. Reach out to us below and learn how to keep IT working without breaking the bank.


With McCarty's IT, it’s never a challenge to understand your monthly IT expenses. Budgeting for growth is simple. No gimmicks here, no strings attached, no small print that you can’t read. Truly we tell you, an all-inclusive, flat-rate monthly price. A transparent view of exactly what you are paying for so that you can focus on what really matters, the growth of your company!

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What Our Clients Say

Their level of customer service is very reassuring

The biggest benefit since moving to McCarty’s IT has been that there is always someone available to assist us with any issue that may arise. This is important to us, as we rely on our technology to complete our daily tasks.We feel that McCarty’s IT makes it a point to reach out to you and make sure the issue has been resolved and there are no lingering issues. This is very reassuring.I would definitely recommend McCarty’s IT to anyone. The staff is knowledgeable but also go out of their way to make sure you are satisfied with their services. To know that someone is monitoring our systems takes the burden off of us so we may keep our focus on our business.

Dana Born Administrative Assistant
Monica Kellogg, CPA

McCarty’s goes the extra mile.

We have used McCarty’s IT for a couple of years now and feel that McCarty’s goes the extra mile. Whenever we have a problem, all we have to do is call and they have someone on it right away. It doesn’t matter what time of day, they are willing to help us out! Everyone is pleasant and easy to work with. They have fully invested employees that believe in quality of service and have been there for a very long time….I believe that is what makes the difference in their service.

Diane Bentley Diamond Coach

McCartys IT has been a tremendous asset.

Thank you for providing a much needed IT service to customers who cannot necessarily staff a full-time IT employee. Such is the case with our small company, Alexander Mfg. Co. Our business relies almost solely on computer programs to run our sales and shipping departments. McCarty’s IT service has been a tremendous asset in keeping us up and running. We have trusted that the service provided and suggestions of equipment upgrades are fair and honest and have improved our efficiency and cut down on down time. Alexander Mfg. has benefited from this service and it has let us do what we do best, while knowing that we are looked after.

Jane Alexander Alexander Mfg. Co., Inc

Monitoring has provided advance warnings.

The managed IT provided by McCarty’s has been a huge help in maintaining and the administration of the network at Charloma. The monitoring has provided some advanced warnings of impending problems within the servers and the network. There have been several instances where problems that occurred with backups were caught and were notified, where prior to the monitoring it may have been days before a problem was noticed, if at all. They have been very helpful in providing assistance with upgrades and repairs on the equipment when needed. Overall the service has been very beneficial and appreciated.

Scott Morris Vice President/CFO
Forte, Inc

Our experience with McCartys IT has been perfect!

We had to retrieve a file that had been accidentally deleted on a patient that we had years of information stored on. McCarty’s IT was able to retrieve it the same day so our billing software company could restore the file and no information was lost.

David Olson Owner
Olson Medical

Less Downtime, Better Pricing

The single biggest benefit to our company since moving to McCarty’s IT has been less downtime. They are always quick to get to our problems and they have better pricing.

Sean O’Bryan Owner
Kansas Tire, Auto & Diesel Repair

We don’t have to worry so much about viruses or being hacked.

The credit card company we use to take payments sent us information stating we had to meet certain security standards by the end of the year to be compliant. The requirements were very technical so I asked McCartys to look in it. They understood what we needed and took care of it for us.

Renee Cochran Deputy
ClerkCity of Oswego